The Garmin 1000 is the leading edge.

The Garmin 1000 is the leading edge.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Obzor to Varna. The largest port on the Black Sea.

 Today we left Obzor on the Black Sea and headed out of town and straight into a lengthy climb.  The photo above was taken shortly after commencing the climb.  We didn't care about the mountains today as tomorrow will be our first rest day of the tour in Varna, Bulgaria.

We left at 7.30am with hopes of reaching Varna shortly after midday.  With rolling hills and some fantastic high speed descents we were flying.  At one stage I hit over 70kph.  This is pretty fast when you have 4 pannier bags strapped to your bike.  As long as you don't hit a big bump in the road, you'll be right. 

At stages the road was single lane and this is always a concern for me.  Close shaves is something I don't like when riding.  We stopped a couple of times up each climb to regroup and take another drink.  We had our morning tea stop in a little village with coffee and a roll.  We were in no hurry today and it showed.  Any time we got to take a break, take a photo, buy some fruit, we'd take it.

As we rode through one village we saw this chap selling rock melon from a stand.  We pulled over bought 2 rock melon, pulled out the tarp and we all sat down for a splurge.  The weather was beautiful, the wind was calm and we were all in good spirits after a hard 7 days of riding.
 I took the above photo of a plantation of sunflowers.  The fields are littered with sunflowers as far as the eyes can see. 
 Of course, that's me in the sunflower patch.
We rolled into Varna after hitting my top speed for the tour at 76kph down the mountain that leads you straight into the centre of town at 1.30pm.  We pulled over out the front of the Assumption Cathedral.  The biggest Orthodox Church in Varna.  the imposing Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin was built in 1886.  It contains finely carved iconostasis and a bishop's throne. 

Now for the accommodation.  Maurice had a name of a hotel called the Cherno more.  We made our way to the hotel which had red carpet out the front, enormous building, a casino, roof top terrace and the list goes on.  I thought this would be expensive and not in our price range.  Peter and Maurice went inside and came out with big grins on their faces.  Peter had negotiated a price for 70 Lev a double.  That's about 25 dollars per head with breakfast.  Now this has to be the best place in town and right in the centre of the Mall area.  We can walk out the doors of the hotel and be right amongst it.  Not a bad place to enjoy our rest day.

After settling in and cleaning the clothes I went for a walk of the town.  Walked down to the Black Sea and put the feet in the water.  I'll take some photo's of the amazing set up they have down on the beach tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be sightseeing, cleaning the bike and resting.  No exercise.

Until tomorrow, safe riding.

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